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Marco Cocurullo

Co-Founder/ Managing Director

Marco is a successful entrepreneur and expert consultant in the business and hospitality world. With an extensive service offering and experience in all facets of the tourism, hospitality and real estate sectors across multiple continents including Australia and Europe, Marco has transformed many underperforming properties into successful award-winning operations.

As Managing Director of Mediterranean Realtors, Marco oversees all components of the company’s business operations, financial performance, investments, and ventures. He plays a fundamental role in sourcing new properties, negotiating purchases and identifying off-the-plan land and building opportunities in order to grow the real estate offering. He conducts the due-diligence on whether the property is in line with fair current market value, and analyses possible yields to ensure clients get the best deal for their investment.

Marco is a people-oriented professional whose results driven attitude and interpersonal skills allow him to provide exceptional service to local and international clients and property owners alike. He brings strong leadership to his role at Mediterranean Realtors, and has formed a highly professional team of multi-skilled experts to ensure that the client experience and services provided are of a superior quality and standard.

Liberato Mazzola

Head of Legal and Compliance

Liberato is a qualified lawyer, jurist and Counsel in the Supreme Court with over thirty-years’ experience in the Italian judicial system.
Over the course of his career, Liberato has practised across multiple areas of law including civil, criminal, immigration and administrative law, providing expert legal advice and professional services to individuals and corporate clients.     

In addition to his work in the private sector, Liberato has held numerous posts in public office, including the municipal council where he oversaw the administration of budgets, litigation disputes and urban planning. He also contributed to the establishment of one of the first government urban transformation organisations where he carried out a number of public projects, and subsequently held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.


His sought-after experience, due to his role in the public sector and in-depth knowledge of the Italian bureaucratic system, has been a catalyst for his more recent work with both individuals and major corporations in asset acquisition procedures and public tenders.


Founding member of the Italian legal and professional association ATESMA, and with offices in Sorrento, Naples and Milan, Liberato is currently an associate and founding member of the law firm, MC Legal. Here, he coordinates the activities of the firm, supervises due diligence and advisory operations in relation to acquisition and reorganization procedures of public and limited liability companies, with experience in banking and financial operations.

He is one of the founding partners of Mediterranean Realtors, where he brings his plethora of professional experience to coordinate the immigration, commercial and investment operations of the company, while overseeing the activities of the legal team.

domenico ummarino

International Taxation Consultant & Advisor

Domenico provides expert advice to Italian and international financial institutions, corporations and individuals on international tax planning and compliance.  With experience locally and abroad, and having worked for two of the largest international professional services and accounting firms in the world, Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)…

Domenico plays a critical role in the transference of tax residency and establishment of international corporate operations for clients of Mediterranean Realtors.

Domenico’s astute taxation planning and understanding of the interaction between the Italian and international tax system makes him a critical asset at Mediterranean Realtors, and in particular, for those looking to invest, start-up commercial operations and/or benefit from the lucrative tax incentives that Italy offers to those moving their tax residence to Italy.  

Domenico is at the forefront of taxation law in Italy. The ever-changing nature of tax law, as a result of court decisions and regular changes to Italian and European tax legislation, has created a need for specialised and expert professional tax advice in any international investment, business and financial transaction.

He offers world class tax advice and aims to combine his commercial and tax law expertise to provide efficient tax solutions with positive commercial outcomes.

Daniela Maria Carrella

Head of Legal & Compliance Team

Daniela has more than 15 years’ experience as an Italian corporate lawyer in commercial litigation, trust and labour law, compliance and risk management, general affairs and internal audits. She has dedicated her professional activity to developing legal consultancy services relating to the banking and financial services sector, co-founding a highly innovative and reputable Italian law firm with offices in Naples, Sorrento and Rome.

Daniela carries out due diligence and advisory activities in relation to credit management and is an expert in dealing with the proceedings of complex banking and financial transactions and debt restructuring, assisting both private clients and companies and institutions in all sectors of banking and financial law (including acquisition financing and real estate financing). She works with clients to develop pragmatic and commercial strategies and solutions.

At Mediterranean Realtors, she heads the Legal and Compliance division, serving as the key liaison of the legal team in the drafting and negotiating of commercial and real estate agreements. She provides confident, innovative and incisive legal advice for Mediterranean Realtors’ business operations constantly monitoring changes in the legal environment to ensure that the core activities and practices of the organisation comply with Italian laws and regulations.

Daniela is a Counsel in the Supreme Court, having obtained the qualification to practice before the higher jurisdictions.

Mary cocurullo

Corporate Communications, Real Estate & Property Manager

Mary has over 15 years combined experience in a corporate, communications and project management capacity across the private and public sectors in Australia, Japan and Italy. Her expertise extends across social planning and public policy development and analysis to strategic planning and organisational and operational restructuring in the tourism and hospitality sectors.
At Mediterranean Realtors…

she plays a fundamental role in overseeing the marketing and communications component of the business ensuring that clients are well informed of the relevant processes and compliance requirements in relation to immigration, real estate and property management.

In her capacity as a real estate and property manager, Mary works with the legal team in the preparation of property assessments, due-diligence reporting, market analyses and communications from the expression of interest phase, through to property acquisition and the management as a vacation rental. 

Carolyn Spampinato

Visa Consultant

Carolyn has over 18 years experience in providing financial advice and consulting services to private individuals assisting to identify and reach financial and lifestyle aspirations in Sydney, Australia. Her coaching experience extends to her current role as Visa Consultant being the first point of contact with clients desiring Italy as a new residence, including identifying eligibility for the Italian government residency programs….

and discussing any necessary documentation required to move forward with Mediterranean Realtors in facilitating their relocation journey.

Carolyn is passionate about the culture and lifestyle that Italy affords having recently relocated with her Sicilian husband and young son from Australia to live in Italy. Her personal experience with the immigration process in Italy has enabled her to better assist clients in understanding the administrative requirements in obtaining residency, and facilitate the legal process pursued by our immigration lawyers to ensure eligibility and preparation of suitable documentation to support individuals and families in their decision to relocate to Italy.

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